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Port Ruestersiel - port regulation

§1 Area of Application 

  1. The port regulation applies for the port Ruestersiel. The boundary of the port is appearent from portplan.
  2. The port regulation is legally binding for all ship-owners of public or private ships and in general for all persons who use this institution or remain on the port area.

§2 Moorings

  1. The allocation of the moorings will be done in order of application by the harbour master or his deputy. The allocation can be changed due to special occasions.
  2. Some morrings are reserved for temporarily stay. The allocation will be done by the harbour master.

§3 Moorings for temporarily stay 

  1. Immediately after arriving in the port ship owners have to get in touch with the harbour master. The charge has to be paid at the harbour master.
  2. Stay for one day is free of charge.
  3. Non-payment will lead onto referral of the harbour.

§4 Behaviour in the port area 

  1. Users have to behave in the normal manner and not to disturb, pester or endanger somebody else.
  2. Execessive noise pollution has to be avoided.

§5 Orders by the harbour master

  1. Orders by the harbour master has to be followed.
  2. The harbour master has the right to give orders, enter ships or reallocate ships in case of danger for people, ships and harbour equipment.

§6 Dealing with fuel 

  1. Dealing with fuel has to be done very carefully to avoid environmental damage. The harbour master has to be informed immediately in case of an accident.
  2. Use of ship's engine in the harbour area is only aloowed if it is necessary.

§7 Moorage of ships  

  1. Ship owners are responsible for a save moorage of the ships and have have to be careful not to damage other ships.
  2. Two fenders on every side.
  3. It is not allowed to moor the ships at the emergency ladder.

§8 Cleanness in the harbour area 

  1. It is not allowed to dispose of non-organically rubbish in the harbour basin.
  2. It is only allowed to deplete faeces tank at the waste disposal.

§9 Fishing in the harbour area 

  1. Fishing in the harbour area is not allowed.

§10 Safety in the harbour area                                         

  1. In case of an accident or fire police (110) and fire brigade (112) have to be called. The harbour master has to be informed immediately.


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signed: Gerold Schmidt                         signed: Uwe Tjaden

March 2010-03-21